Rebels are individuals. They do not go with the flow. Our Rebel Youth Program is designed to show kids ages 5-10 the benefits of discipline, focus, and teamwork, especially when it comes to physical activities. individuality and personal accomplishment are the cornerstones of the program. 

45-minute long classes are on Wednesday at 4pm and Sunday at 9am. 

* Classes for older youth coming soon! * 



This is not a sport. This is a fitness class that is aimed at improving strength, balance, coordination, body awareness, posture, flexibility, and self-confidence. Every child will feel capable, empowered, and exhausted when they leave class. 

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This is not sport-specific training. Sports are a positive part of many kids’ lives, but intense sport-specific training has been shown to be detrimental to overall athletic development in children. Kids show the greatest growth when they are “trained” with a focus on overall strength and agility instead of overtraining specific movement patterns. We want every child, whether the are athletically inclined or not, to feel like they belong. 

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Our Rebel Youth classes are centered around games and compound movements, teaching these amazing kiddos how to use their bodies, strengthen their core, speed up their movements, and work on those motor skills and control. 



Monthly Membership: $49/month per child
Includes 2 weekly classes per child. This is NOT a contract with a commitment. This is a monthly membership which auto-renews every four weeks which can be canceled with 14 days written notice. 

Single Class Drop-In Rate: $10/class per child
This is a single rate for each class, if you cannot commit to the monthly membership. Booked online or walk-in, however, we highly recommended reserving your space online!