The Hype

Your class was so great! Refreshing to workout and have it feel like...well, just FUN. And I’m sore today too (good sore). You and Gen really nailed the art of making people feel completely comfortable while busting ass in class. Nice not to take ourselves too seriously! Thank you both. See you again soon.
— SD

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Kelly introduced me to group fitness and I am never going back. She’s great at creating challenging but do-able workouts for varying skill sets, while also giving personal tips - it’s the best of team workouts and personal training combined. She always kicks my ass - and my ass thanks her for completely changing it’s shape!

Gen has changed my relationship with food forever. I have always been a calorie-counter, but without the right macro balance, I was never losing the weight I wanted to. The first thing Gen got me to do was EAT MORE (protein mostly, but in general, I needed to eat more food). Once I learned food was good, the weight started to melt. Combined with her Sunday Funday circuits, my body is totally different.

In general, I credit these ladies for my healthier body. It was a lot of hard work on my part, but what Kelly and Gen provide is a fun, safe, exciting place where you can finally let go and be your best self.”
— JS
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I wanted to say thank you so much for today. You have such a positive vibe and want this for the right reasons. I’m so glad to be a part of watching you grow into a studio. I hope to continue when you move there!

You and Gen are awesome people who have the motivation to want people to get in shape, not just for the paycheck...thanks for being amazing people!”
— September 2017