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The studio

Our 3,600 square foot space in Valley Village is split between two sides - our strength area, and our massive (yet totally intimate) indoor cycling room. 

We offer plush towels, a warm shower, and a childcare room with experienced and responsible staff to watch your kiddos, ages 5 and under. Kids over 5? They can either join our Rebel Youth Program or they can sit in our super cool rock and roll reception area!

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Our strength side is filled with 15 individual client stations featuring state-of-the-art fitness decks, weight racks with 5-25 lb. dumbbells, resistance bands, a yoga mat, yoga blocks, and a TRX suspension system mounted on our gorgeous custom-made ceiling bar. 

Additional equipment for our Sunday Funday Circuit Training includes battle ropes, boxing bags, medicine balls, slam balls kettlebells, and more... 


No monitors, no competition, no unreliable stats. Instead, focus on yourself and your resistance during our 45 minute indoor cycling classes. 

You'll hear incredible sound, feel the glow of our soft lights, and have a bird's eye view of our awesome instructors from anywhere in the room.

Don't have shoes? Borrow them from us. For free.