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Group fitness in the Valley. Intimidated? Unnecessary.


(Author: The one, the only, Tammy B.)

Group fitness. Say it out loud: GROUP FITNESS.

If this was a test in mental and emotional endurance, we’d ask you to recall the moments in your life where you felt less than, apart from, unnoticed, weak, [insert that negative self-talk here.]

Now stop, breathe, center yourself. We don't want to go there. Try to clear your thoughts of all the clichéd preconceptions that come to mind when you think of groups, fitness, and “group fitness” as one entity. Allow us to personally apologize for any negative experiences you may have had at other gyms and studios. We’ve been there. In fact, we exist for precisely that reason.

At its inception, Underground Fitness LA set out to revolutionize group fitness - and not just the way we look at fitness and nutrition. We know that we are not the weights we lift or the length of time we can hold a plank. We are not just our shape, size, athletic performance, gender, or age. Our whole is greater than the sum of our parts, and we strive to recognize and respect the diversity in each and every person who walks through our doors.



When you come to Underground Fitness LA, you’re not just walking into another generic Los Angeles boutique fitness studio - you’re entering an organically grown community of open-minded individuals who come to work out without fear of judgement; a community where your beginnings are whole-heartedly welcomed because that’s where we all started; and where your physical abilities are only limited by your own perceptions.

We are a coalition of veteran competitors and people who have never lifted anything heavier than a bag of flour; a collection of introverts, extroverts, new moms and experienced dads. We are a fellowship of fitness fanatics and the exercise anxious; a troop of classy, sassy, and a little bit scrappy men and women from all walks of life who have one common goal - we are hell-bent on living our best lives.


There’s a social psychological phenomenon known as the Köhler effect which essentially states that we, as individuals, work harder and perform better as a member of a group or team than we do alone especially when we are united in a cooperative task - such as sweating to a kick-ass workout that achieves maximum results.

At Underground Fitness LA, one of our main objectives is to keep you motivated to maintain your wellness momentum, and we have found that being a valuable part of a community is a key in doing that. We support one another in successes and setbacks, participate in friendly competition, and challenge each other in a way that ensures personal and team gains.

While there are a number of actual scientific studies that we can cite - like this one (link: that concluded that group fitness participation led to a decrease in stress and an increase in quality of life compared to exercising alone or this one  (link: that found older adults participating in group fitness achieved more balanced health via the connectedness of community and social support, our proof is in the results we have seen with our own eyes - a team of people who achieve what they believed was impossible - simply by trusting in themselves, their community, and their instructors, and most importantly, by showing up.



Los Angeles is a veritable hub of big box gyms and boutique studios. Not all of them are created equal, nor are they equally affordable. Memberships differ from gym to studio, and one of the ultimate driving forces in group fitness is the fact that you are essentially paying to play; whether it’s part of a monthly membership or class 10-pack, if you don’t show up for class, there are financial penalties. (Not to mention the fact that your team is depending on you….)

But at the end of the day, the only person you really have to answer to is yourself, and personal accountability plays a huge role in achieving what we want. Regular attendance = better performance = results.


It’s also the ingenuity of Underground Fitness LA. We aim to make your workout experience inspiring and fun, and you’ll see that in our spin playlists, the laughter in our Sunday Funday, and the planning that goes into all of our programming.

Each instructor has their own distinct method of teaching. We are educated and experienced and can offer modifications to accommodate everything from injury to pregnancy to chronic illness, and our studio is 100% ADA accessible. (Put that one in your fanny pack for later…) Our classes are well-rounded and balanced, touching on cardiovascular, endurance, strength, and recovery. We intentionally plan our classes so that they are small enough for us to make sure you're safely training the right muscles with proper form, but full enough to ensure you feel like you’re not only part of something, but getting somewhere.

While our goal at Underground Fitness LA is to support you in becoming your best you, our focus is the journey in helping you get there, because it’s in the journey that you’ll see the change in your body, your mind, and your heart.

So let’s start again, shall we?

Group Fitness.

Diversity. Community. Accountability. Perseverance. Laughter. Results.


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