It's the weekend. Tempted to overeat?

The weekend. It's that time where you've convinced yourself that rules don't apply. You may take our motto of "Memories over Macros" to the extreme. And why not? You work so hard all week to stay disciplined, to make better choices, to get those workouts in every single when Friday night hits, it's a free-for-all! It's social time. Social time means brunch. Dinner. Mimosas. Possibly a few. Often donuts. Desserts. All of those things that society has taught you not to eat at all, not just monitor. 


While one or two days of not following your nutrition and not working out will not completely derail your progress, there are things that it will do...

Such as cause you to gain a few pounds of bloat. Which means you'll start your next week a few pounds heavier, and you'll have to lose those few pounds of bloat to get back to where you should've started in the first place. 

Mess with your digestion. If you're not used to eating a lot of salt, a lot of sugar, that much fat, or drinking that much beer, you might find yourself gassier than usual. Backed up. Or the polar opposite. 

Get in your head. Because the number on the scale will have gone up. You might have convinced yourself that it's fat. That might derail you, or throw you into a, "Well I've already gained back two pounds, why be so strict next week?" mentality. You may feel guilty. Anxious. And all of that sucks.

But Gen and Kelly, how do we fix this? How do we move past these habits?

It's pretty simple, actually. 

Don't look at your weekend as three days of cheat meals. Because if you've learned anything from us, you've learned that we don't call anything a cheat meal. There's no such thing as a cheat meal, because if you're eating in a healthy and sustainable way, your eating is balanced between healthier choices and things you really want. Remember, you're not Olympians here. You're normal people, living normal lives. If your goal is aiming for 10% body fat when you're not an elite level athlete, there's a more serious conversation that needs to be had. 

Apply the moderation mentality to your weekends, and try to make smarter choices - not perfect ones. Do you know you're going somewhere all fancy pants for dinner where you know that your choices will be a gigantic Rib Eye Steak with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus? And that you might drink a nice glass of f*cking Pinot Noir with it because you like Pinot Noir with Rib Eyes (this is Gen typing)? So guess what you do. Order a side salad as your appetizer. Eat that side salad like it's no body's business and get some greens in your system. Don't eat the bread at the table. Eat your asparagus first. And then eat an appropriate portion of your steak (some of you know the tool to determine that, and if you want to know? Inquire about our nutrition services!). After you've eaten your salad, your asparagus, and your protein? Go on with your bad self eating those mashed potatoes. My guess is that you won't plow through all of them, because you'll already be full from the salad, asparagus and protein. 

Pay attention to your hunger cues. That includes your fullness cues. Listen to your body when you're eating. If your belly is feeling full, stop eating. I know the food looks good, but your body is telling you that it doesn't need to eat it. If you aren't feeling fullness cues when you're at a fancy dinner, fancy brunch, or shoving muffins in your face on Sunday morning? Drink a glass of water when you're in doubt. See how you feel when you're done. If you're hungry, eat a few bites more. Then drink another glass of water. 

And pay attention to how your week went. Were you over-the-top stressed with work and family? Angry about something? Feeling anxious? Often times, those feelings play into how we eat when we're not as disciplined. Acknowledge how your week was, acknowledge how you're feeling, and acknowledge the fact that you may find comfort in your food. Before you go and comfort yourself with dinner (or dessert), try doing something to get some of those emotions out. No joke - a 10 minute bodyweight circuit in your bathroom before you take a shower to go out. 10 minutes of meditation. A few yoga poses. Journaling. Dancing. Whatever it is, try it. 

Once you get these things down, and you realize that going full on bananas over the weekend and feeling shitty about yourself on Monday morning isn't the way to go, you'll realize that your weekends are just an extension of your week (with a little more fun, hopefully) - and the same smarter decisions you're making Monday through Friday can apply to your Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.