Summer is over. The kids are back in school. Work is amping up and the hours are getting longer. It’s time to get back into that routine.

That’s where the 8 Week Fall Shakedown comes to the rescue.

Let’s face reality for a second…

You’ve tried the latest fad diet time and time again, only to lose some weight and then gain it all back. Maybe you’ve fallen victim to the latest skinny tea craze, you’ve tried body wraps that promise to make you inches smaller, you’ve juiced because your friends have convinced you to, or you’ve tried a cleanse without really understanding what you’re trying to cleanse and why.

Maybe you’ve spent hundreds of dollars with a supplement company that has promised to change your views on nutrition and wellness through their shakes, their supplements, and their bars, all intended to be meal replacements. They’ve put you on one of their proprietary meal plans, which has put you in a significant and very unhealthy calorie deficit.

In the end, you were feeling great. Maybe you were even pounds lighter or a few inches smaller. But you realized that you couldn’t keep up the restrictions. You couldn’t continue drinking these teas, the wraps stopped magically working for you, and you were exhausted all of the time from doing nothing but drinking your calories. Maybe you were looking at your bank account and realizing that you couldn’t possibly continue paying for those bars and shakes, and in retrospect you were tired and irritable from not eating enough to support your life.

So you stop. You stop that fad diet. You stop drinking the tea. You stop buying the products. And the body fat creeps back on. Your skin changes. You’re sleeping differently. You feel sluggish. You now feel defeated.

The Shakedown isn’t a challenge that promises fat loss, stronger muscles, looser-fitting clothing, money, rewards, or a free gym membership. It honestly doesn’t promise you anything other than a change in your perceptions, which isn’t really a great sales pitch in an industry full of gyms that advertise quick fixes and guaranteed results.

So it should go without saying that I was more than surprised when I did lose weight, fat, and inches. But I’ve been completely dumbfounded since I realized that the loss wasn’t my most important takeaway from the Shakedown - it was what I gained. I gained a better understanding of nutrition and fitness, and the effects it has on me as a whole. I am a whole person - not just a body. Gen and Kelly never once forgot that, or treated me like a before & after science experiment to promote their business. Consider my perceptions changed.
— Summer 2018 Shakedown Participant
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We can’t promise you that you’ll hit your goals.

Isn’t that absurd? Can you believe we’re even saying that?

That’s up to you.


Let’s set those expectations.

You will not be getting a detailed meal plan.
You will not be thrown into an unhealthy calorie deficit.
You will not have your favorite foods taken away from you.
You will not be expected to workout every single day of the week.
You will not be promised weight loss. Or muscle gain.
You will not be forced to buy supplements.
You do not have to live locally to participate.
You will be expected to be honest and open.
You will have to weigh your food.
You will be supported.
You will need to be held accountable.


Renewing your love for healthy eating…


Our triple certified Nutrition Coach (and soon to be fully titled and insured Nutritionist in the State of California), Gen Levy, will customize a sustainable healthy eating system for you based upon your medical history, current data, family history, and more. These numbers will be updated for you throughout the shakedown, and are NOT based upon generic website data or meal plans designed to put you in a never ending caloric deficit that does nothing but cause you permanent metabolic damage. 

Instead, you will learn how to fall in love with food again and intuitively listen to your body, knowing what it needs and what it doesn't. Healthy habits, proper nutrition for you and no one else is the name of the game here...


A fitness schedule just for you...

Right after the nutrition portion of your initial consultation, you will meet with both Kelly and Gen (certified personal trainers and co-owners of Underground Fitness LA). Armed with a Google Calendar and the Underground Fitness LA schedule of classes, they will work with you to design a schedule that will help you achieve your goals. Using a combination of resistance training (through our Resistance or Bootycore classes), bodyweight training (through our TRX class), cardio training (through our Revolution indoor cycling classes), yoga (through our Revival class), or a hybrid class to give you both resistance training and cardio (through our Riot classes), a plan will be ready for you to put into your own calendar.

* Please note that classes are NOT included in the cost of the 8 Week Summer Shakedown. We can also integrate classes that you take at other studios, workouts that you do at home, and more! 

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Seminars with information you'll want to retain...

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Throughout the 8 Week Summer Shakedown, you'll be invited to five seminars at the studio open to Shakedown participants only. They will be held at 10:00am on Saturdays and will include topics such as nutrition, strength training and your goals, motivation, getting past that plateau, sustainability, and more. 

Do you observe the Sabbath? 
Are you going to be out of town?

Don't worry. You still have two choices. The seminars will be available via live stream to participants who request a link, and they will also be recorded for you to watch when you're available to do so. 


And an amazing community to support you...

Between a private Facebook Group for participants only, and spending time with your new (or not-so-new) fitness crew at Underground Fitness LA, you will remain motivated...uplifted...and held accountable.

We have the most phenomenal community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts who understand that the fast way is the dangerous way. They're committed to their health, their wellness, and their community.

To stay engaged and active, we will be hosting two Shakedown participant only social events - one at the studio and one not. They are fully optional, but highly suggested. 

* Just so you know, that picture to the right? That's one of your fearless leaders, Gen. And that is not a joke. 

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The answer is yes.
Because you're worth it.
We know that. It's time you believe it yourself.


There is a $199 fee to join the 8 Week Fall Shakedown Challenge, which covers the cost of: your initial consultation, two months of invaluable nutrition coaching, a customized fitness plan tailored to your schedule (classes not included), discounted personal training sessions, five private seminars, two social outings, and a community for life.

This fee can be paid in full, or paid in two installments of $100 - one initial installment and one at the 4 week point in the Shakedown. 

Initial consultations are already being scheduled for NEXT WEEK, so grab your spot by choosing one of the links below...

* The 8 Week Fall Shakedown is a non-refundable, non-transferrable service. If you choose the payment plan option, your second payment will be automatically charged to your card on file at the halfway point of the session. Results are not guaranteed, because we can't do the work for you. You are the only person in charge of your effort, dedication and motivation!