2 Weeks. Unlimited Classes. No catch.

Underground Fitness LA has quickly become a Valley Village, Sherman Oaks, and Studio City favorite, and we’d like you to come in and see why.

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What if we told you that there was a place where you could find all different types of people, from all different walks of life, working out in the same rooms? A place where everyone, regardless of ability level, injury, disability, or illness, is welcome? A place where people transform under the watchful eye of highly trained and experienced instructors?

What if we told you that if…

…you haven’t worked out in a long time, you’ll be welcomed in with open arms.

...you’re bouncing back from injury or illness, you’ll be taken care of (as long as you have doctor’s clearance, of course). Both of our owner/instructors are specialists in either chronic illness/disabilities, or lower back injury.

…you’re pregnant, or cleared for exercise postpartum, we’ve got a specialist for that too?

…you’re a fitness fanatic who just needs a new routine, we’ve got you covered!


Unlimited Strength/RECOVERY

Choose from our studio’s proprietary RESISTANCE, RIIPPED, or BOOTYCORE classes, TRX, or our fusion of weights and spin with RIOT on Fridays. Also included? FitHop LA, taught by the amazing Chris Dupré!

Our classes are for all shapes, ages (18+), sizes, and ability levels, and we can adjust for illness, injury, disability, and pregnancy. These small group fitness classes feel more like private training. For guidance on where to start if it’s been awhile or if you’ve never stepped foot into a fitness studio, contact us and we’ll help you out!

And here’s the cool part. We’re not a yoga studio. We don’t have lotus flowers painted on our walls, singing bowls on the shelves, and we don’t speak in Sanskrit. However, we do offer both Yin style yoga and a very relaxing Vinyasa type of class in our strength room to give you a nice balance in your schedule.


unlimited spin

If you’re looking for stats, metrics, and competition, our indoor cycling program is not for you. However, if you’re looking for a rhythm-based ride in an intimate setting with amazing people and great music? Look no further.

Our brand new bikes accept both DELTA and SPD clips, so if you have your own, you’re covered. Don’t have your own shoes? We’ll rent them to you. For free.

These indoor cycling classes are also for all shapes, ages (18+), sizes, and ability levels.

Nervous to try indoor cycling? Don’t be. Get that body on the bike, those feet clipped in, shut your eyes, and let it all go.

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A private shower with YESto products, fuzzy towels that don’t stink like an overused dryer, cold water (either filtered into your water bottle from our machine or available for purchase in the front), complimentary cycling shoe and yoga mat rental, various snack bars and shakes (available for purchase at the desk), and childcare available during select classes for a small fee ($5 for members, $8 for non-members)? We have all of that.

(Not to mention the huge parking lot that you can park in, without having to worry about meters or street signs…)



Hi. We’re Kelly (the blonde one) and Gen (the not blonde one). We’re the owners of Underground Fitness and your two main instructors.

We write the programming. We clean the toilets. We maintain the equipment. Sometimes work front desk. Answer your emails. And kick your butts.

We’re both Certified Personal Trainers with specialties in Chronic Illness and Disability, Pre/Postpartum Wellness, Weight Management, Lower Back Injury, and more. One of us has a degree in Neuroscience while the other one is tattooed and cannot do a cartwheel. One of us is a triple-certified Nutritionist, while the other one is tall (but you can’t tell from this photo).

We’re both passionate about what we do. And we opened this place for you.



Sign up today. Book classes for tomorrow. And join the Underground Fitness LA family forever.